Acupath's mission is to deliver fast, accurate pathology, molecular and cytogenetic analysis in a way that enhances the quality of medical care provided by practitioners while minimizing the risk of error. The research and development team continuously innovates, designing new ways for doctors and patients to access, exchange, record and analyze medical information. Acupath is committed to improve efficiencies of practice, superior service and greater patient knowledge and satisfaction.

The decision to specialize in pathology, molecular and cytogenetic exams of core competency underscores Acupath's commitment to be an industry center of excellence for cancer and genetic diagnosis.

Acupath is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Joint Commission, and certified by the New York State Department of Health (DOH).



At Acupath, our staff is fully committed to satisfying the needs of each client. Any lab can pick up a specimen and deliver a report, but Acupath goes beyond that by addressing the demanding workflow found in a typical doctor's office.

Physicians have told Acupath that charting pathology results can be extremely time-consuming and often require special training of their office staff. Acupath responded by developing the patented Peel-off Label SystemT, provided free of charge, to increase efficiency of documenting biopsies and greatly reduce transcription errors.

Another setback that many physicians experience is with the rising numbers of patients, many doctors' offices often need ways to improve their efficiency while still maintaining the highest standards in their practice. Recognizing this, Acupath figured out a solution by creating the color-coded system. Now reports are easier to interpret and draw greater attention to cases indicating malignancy.

Many physicians' offices are also inundated with paper; Acupath helped solve this problem by offering online requisitions services and a variety of electronic report delivery options. In fact, Acupath will work with your office to integrate an Acupath diagnostic report into your Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Practice Management System (PMS). A physician may also request copies of the report for use in his/her own private office or for filing in multiple offices. At Acupath, our highly-trained IT department is available to tailor reports to your specifications and to make certain that all online services operate seamlessly.

Of course, Acupath has among the most rapid turnaround times of any specialty lab -- in 24-48 hours, results will be sent! Additionally, results can be automatically faxed or an email notification stating results are ready to download can be sent to your office. By instantly being notified of a critical malignant diagnosis, patient communication is enhanced and the cancerous biopsies will not be left in a pile of reports waiting to be reviewed. Think of it as having a nationally recognized pathologist stationed directly in your office- that is a promise only Acupath can make!

Acupath Laboratories, Inc. is accredited by the Joint Commission. If you have any questions, comments or complaints, please contact the
Joint Commission office of quality monitoring at 800-994-6610 or complaint@jointcommission.org.
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